Happy Holidays!

We are so grateful for everyone’s support of our organization and the work that we do to preserve the rural quality and character of Northern Baltimore County. We have worked hard this year as in the past to be a strong voice for the rural character of this beautiful area, waterways and the natural world that surround us, which means watching the URDL like a hawk and ensuring that any new development — be it a PUD or a special exception — is considered carefully and thoughtfully. We know there is always a continuous push to develop and build, and we have to be vigilant in asking the hard questions.

This year, we were excited to be together. With a number of new board members, regular board meetings and monthly community meetings, we were thrilled to be bringing people together with common values and interests.

We could always use your support, so please become a member (or renew!) and please consider us with an end-of-year donation.

Among the many things we did this year include:

  • Staying connected with the Department of Rec and Parks with regards to the sports field project at Sparks Elementary School, which includes the discussion of number of fields, lighting, and any additional construction. Belfast Valley is a designated historic area, and we need to keep unnecessary development at a minimum in this area
  • Working with the SHA to reduce the level of lighting at the intersection of Belfast Rd and I-83. The SHA heard our concerns and research, and ultimately halted and withdrew that project.
  • Using our voice, along with other local community groups, to oppose commercial zipline and trail bike projects at Oregon Ridge. We were pleased to see that the department withdrew these projects after we voiced our concerns that these would have been detrimental to the natural environment.
  • Hosting a lively conversation with political candidates for County Executive, District 3 and state delegates for 42B.
  • Continuing to be an important check on the intrusion of noise pollution and impact to surrounding neighborhoods by amplified bands and large crowdsWe were also delighted to have speakers on aquatic entomology, native plants, and reforestation. Speaking of which, did you know that Baltimore County has a program to plant trees for free? See this page to get more information!

    Please feel free to join any of our upcoming Community Meetings, which fall on the second Wednesday of every month. Our next meeting will be January 11 at 7:00 PM at Manor Mill in Monkton where we’ll be hearing from Devra He’ui Kitterman from He’ui Apiaries will be speaking about planting for and protecting pollinators.

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Thank you!

Sparks-Glencoe Community Planning Council

Published On: December 22nd, 2022