Do you own farmland in Baltimore County that you want to preserve for continued food production? Here are 2 programs to assist. Please note April 29th deadline….

Baltimore County is now accepting applications for both the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation and Baltimore County Agricultural Land Preservation Programs. These purchased conservation easement programs compensate landowners for restricting future development of the property while still maintaining their ownership and ability to commercially farm and manage their property. Applicants from previous years who have not been extended an offer, are encouraged to reapply. Baltimore County staff is ready to assist landowners with their applications. The application period is open and the deadline is April 29, 2022. The applications may be emailed to or mailed to Department of Planning, Attn. Land Preservation, 105 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 101, Towson, MD 21204. Once received, the applications will be reviewed for eligibility and then ranked by the Baltimore County Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board for Administration and County Council approvals.

To be eligible, the land must meet minimum soil criteria and be at least 50 acres in size or adjacent to an already preserved farm. Funding is limited so selection will be based upon the quality of the farm land, development potential, discounted asking price, and other factors.

Information and application forms for the programs can be found at…/pla…/landpreservation.

Interested landowners are encouraged to contact land preservation staff at (410) 887-3480 before completing the application.