Mission Statement of SGCPC

The Sparks Glencoe Community Planning Council (SGCPC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the rural character of northern Baltimore County by encouraging land preservation, and by protecting the reservoir watershed system that lies within the organization’s boundaries. Through newsletters, public meetings, and hearings, the SGCPC seeks to inform and educate both the public and the government about the necessity of:

  • conserving farmland and green infrastructure,
  • preserving clean drinking water in our reservoirs,
  • and keeping growth in accord with the level of public services available in the area.

The Goals of SGCPC

  • Educating residents and land use representatives about the natural resources in northern Baltimore County
  • Encouraging the protection and preservation of the rural, historical, and agricultural environment of northern Baltimore County
  • Promoting responsible community planning which maintains the rural character of the area
  • Advocating growth in keeping with the level of public services available in the area

Officers and Directors

Angelo Otterbein, President
(vacant), Vice-President
Marta Riemer, Treasurer
Wendy McIver, Recording Secretary
Ty Young, Corresponding Secretary

Additional Directors

Lisa Arthur
Jackie Brooks
Kirsten Burger
Lynne Jones
Lee Lehnert
Renae Olver
Sue Parish
Bob Stanhope
Carol Stevenson
Valerie Williams