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Books On Bees

Here are the 3 latest books about honeybees and native pollinators. They are listed in order of these 3 questions: What are they, why are they essential to us, and how can we help them flourish. These books are in the Baltimore County libraries and their Dewey Decimal numbers are included.

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Coyotes in Maryland

Learn about coyotes that are living among us! View slides on “Coyotes in Maryland”, from a presentation delivered at our November meeting by Ken D'Loughy of the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR).

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See, also, the detailed data sheet on coyotes in Maryland, from the DNR’s website:

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How Do I File a Complaint with Code Enforcement?

Shared by Delegate Wade Kach

Code Enforcement investigates suspected code and zoning violations in Baltimore County. Issues range from trash and debris to tall grass and weeds to grading complaints and beyond. Here's a review of the process for filing a complaint with code enforcement:

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Newsletter Advertising for Members

We publish a twice-yearly newsletter covering topics of importance to residents in the northern Baltimore County. The newsletter is printed and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Our members, who are also small business owners, can place an ad as an added level of support - and benefit by reaching over 10,000 households in a cost-effective way that demonstrates leadership and commitment to the community.

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